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Lgbtqia In Congress

2018’s blue wave saw a slew of fresh new faces in Congress – remarkable in their diversity. Alexandria Occasio-Cortez and Deb Haaland were some of the women of color elected into office, and Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were the first Muslim women. In fact, 110 women were elected into the house. LGBTQIA representation also saw a spike, with Native American Sharice Davids making history as the first openly gay woman of color in Congress.During the opening session of the 116th Congress, Alexand...

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Referencing Tips For Academic Essay Writing

Believe it or not, referencing plays an important role in our life. When a friend refers a book, you know it’s going to be a good one; when a professor tells you about a new discovery, you know they’re facts. To bring the same originality and validation in your written work, citing is necessary.Various referencing formats can be followed to acknowledge the work of other writers. But before you begin referencing, here’s why it’s a daunting subject in the academic world.Why Reference your work?...

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Writing A Solid Research Proposal And How To Do It

In order to complete a doctorate degree program, one of the things you are required to do is to write a dissertation. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a more popular course of study or something largely unheard of, a dissertation is where you bring it all to fruition.Before you proceed to write a dissertation, you need to submit what you call a research proposal. The idea of a research proposal is to give your supervisors and those funding your work a sense of what direction you’re going...

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Business Essays And How To Go About Them

Business essay is not just stating facts about a certain topic, you need to express your opinion, provide relevant example and cite numbers. In addition to this, formal language needs to be used, along with business terminology. But business essay writing can be broken down into steps to make things easier for you.Before you begin writing, establish the purpose of your report or essay by answering the ‘essay question’.Essay questionDifferent words indicate a different approach to your essays....

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Thesis Writing 101: Useful Thesis Writing Tips

A thesis is a research report required at the end of an academic program, usually one at the Bachelors or more often Master’s level of study. Writing a thesis is different from writing a regular academic essay or even a proposal or dissertation.In order to help those who have the stress of a thesis due date looming over the horizon, we’re going to elaborate on a few tips and pointers which relate to thesis writing.Steps to Follow when Writing your Thesis We’ve elaborated on five steps below. ...

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