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5 Reasons Why Students Buy Term Papers

We can all agree many students are reluctant when it comes to writing their own term papers. Its often easier to cut corners by purchasing papers from professional writing services. There is a huge debate around this issue from an ethical standpoint  with many universities having an honor code that prohibits students from purchasing essays, arguing that it's ethically wrong to submit another person’s work for a grade, whether or not it is plagiarized or paid for.

Although there are many other reasons why students buy term papers online, our research has identified the top five:

1. Demanding Life

Life in college can be pretty demanding and stressful for any student as they struggle to learn new skills and concepts, juggle their schedules to find enough time for study, and maybe fit in a part-time job or two to pay for their hard-won education. One of the major reasons for students to purchase these term papers is that they bring ease and convenience in life by reducing the stress of researching and writing the paper. There are also several other justifications for buying term papers from online services. From the students’ point of view, they find it quite tough to deal with term papers in college life, as they need to do several things and tackle several issues.

2. Part Time Jobs

A survey conducted by Endsleigh (2015) indicated that eight out of ten (77%) students are now working part-time to help fund their studies. Students with jobs have little free time. This predisposes them to become more organised and better planners, learning to weigh their priorities in order to meet deadlines. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming and the extracurricular work puts additional pressure on them and their minds get too preoccupied. Their weekdays and weekends are completely booked.This hinders them from producing an acceptable term paper worthy of receiving good grade.

3. Looking for Better Grades

Many students at one point have a problem with their academic essay-writing. They don't want to let their grades suffer by not completing the project or submitting a half-finished research paper or essay. Tutoring will prepare the student for tests and exams, while tutors work with the students on specific problem areas. The student's grades and understanding of the subject will significantly improve when working with a tutor. They usually check out whether the paper is well written and relevant to their requirements according to the professor’s instructions. All students cannot be born writers and some of them might require proofreading and editing services as well.

4. Difficulty of the Subject Matter

The subject matter also presents high difficulty levels in some cases. Some of the topics for the term paper require an academic or professional view that the student is not able to cope. He or she may have to do a great amount of research to produce original content and truthful facts; hence, it is more practical to approach a professional service. Having the dedicated help of a professional essay writer and researcher can make all the difference a student's custom essay.

5. Deadlines

Many assignments and term papers have deadlines and time limits. Students have several examination schedules they need to prepare for and it can be challenging for the less capable ones to complete the term paper as well as prepare for written tests and evaluations at the same time. The main aspect of handling multiple assignments is focusing on organization. The best way to handle any task is by staying organized and knowing the timeline and deadline of each assignment. This is so that you can prioritize. Sometimes the deadlines are just too strict  and examinations have to be written by the students themselves and there is no way out of this task. Hence, the task of term paper writing is delegated to a professional service like, as it has a feasible option.