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All You Need To Know About Writing A Dissertation

The specifics of what your dissertation requires would likely be dictated by the parameters set in your dissertation guidelines. This varies a little depending on the subject, field or discipline that you are writing your dissertation in.

This aside however, there are a few basic guidelines that you can apply to most if not all dissertation writing. We’re going to go over these and try to equip you with all you need to know in order to write a dissertation that is up to the mark.

A Step at a Time 

We’re going to go over dissertation writing in steps in order to make things simple and easy to follow.

Proposal Writing

The idea of writing a proposal is to convince the university board that your dissertation is relevant and worth investing time and effort in. For this reason it helps to keep things clear, simple and easy to understand.

The things your proposal should comprise of are listed below:

  • Proposal title
  • Objectives of your dissertation (at least 3)
  • A mention of study specifics
  • Research ideas
  • Data collection methodology
  • Expected outcomes
  • A timeframe
  • A reference list

Effective Research 

The research stage is important. You already have your infrastructure in place if you’re done writing your proposal. Now it’s time to flesh everything out. Time management during the research stage is extremely important.

A few useful guidelines here include:

To be clear on your strategy and direction before you begin

Organize yourself and be very careful with regard to time management. Try not to get caught up in a single segment of your research. If you find anything worth digression from the line you have picked, clock it and save it for another academic endeavor.

Try to use sources that are highly relevant. Cut down on the sources that are not.

The Writing 

So you’re done with your research and organizing and it’s on to the writing phase. We’re going to list some solid go to steps that you could follow when writing.

  1. Start with an outline
  2. Introduce your topic as well as your title
  3. Review all your sources, research and other literature
  4. List and highlight your research techniques and methodology
  5. Add the bibliography
  6. Conclude the dissertation by using your findings to justify your chosen hypothesis.

Editing and Proofing 

Once you’re done with the writing, it is always good practice to edit your work. Make sentences clearer and more concise where needed. Check for typos or any other errors and ensure that your document is free of fault. Once you have done so, give it another proofing for good measure.


Allowing someone else, preferably someone well versed with writing or someone specializing in the same field to read your dissertation is a great idea. Feedback helps us address things we might miss out on and is the final step before you proceed to submit your dissertation.

Can’t Do it Alone 

Completing a PhD is tough and the best of us need help sometimes! You might be amazing at your work and what you do and still struggle with writing. There is no shame in this as writing in its self is a specialized skill. If you need help writing your dissertation you can get in touch with some of the professional essay writing services and online thesis writing services and get the writing support you need!

If you’re already half way there, it makes sense to go the extra mile! Use the resources available, follow the steps and you should be good!