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Common Challenges College Students Face

The years that we spend in college are considered to be the best years of our lives because they are usually filled with beautiful memories and happy experiences. We not only study, but also meet many new people and learn a lot of new things – there is hardly any other period of life that gives us the chance to experience so many different things at the same time. But like all other phases of life, it has its rough patches due to which it could end up being a stressful phase for many students. This happens because students are not prepared for the challenges of this new life and get overwhelmed. As a result, they face problems in adjusting to the new life.

The transition from high school to college comes with a host of challenges for all students. While some students proactively deal with them, others fail to attend to them. This makes matters worse because with time, those issues get exacerbated and create even more problems. 

To help you prepare yourself, mentally and emotionally, beforehand, we are highlighting some of the most common challenges students face during college life:

  • Academic Challenges 

The challenge to get a good GPA and then maintain it through graduation is huge because a lot of other things, such as financial aid, acceptance for graduate schools and job offers, depend upon how well students perform academically. This puts a huge amount of pressure on college students, especially freshmen, and they often get stressed about every assignment or term paper. Unable to cope with the pressure, many students seek assignment help or order coursework for courses they find most difficult. 

In addition to maintaining good grades, another academic-related problem that college students face is to choosing a major. This is one of the most difficult decisions of a person’s life because their entire future depends upon it. Identifying your true calling and figuring out what you want to do in your life is not an easy task for a young student who has just completed high school. Numerous factors influence students’ decision, such as their own interest and passion, job prospects, and pressure from parents. Some students do not choose a particular major despite the fact that they are interested in that because they feel it will be very hard to make money later. Sometimes questions like will I be able to do my assignment or write my paper also affect students’ decisions and they go for easier options.  

  • Time Management

There is no denying the fact that time management plays a huge role in a person’ success. College life is probably the first time many students truly understand the importance of time management. Throughout school life, we follow a routine that someone else has prepared for us. Our days at school are pre-structured, but things are different at college. We have to figure out how to fit in our studies, jobs (many college students work part time), and extra-curricular activities, in our schedules in a way that nothing is neglected and we do not lag behind in any area. 

Creating a balance between all the new responsibilities is a huge challenge that can be overwhelming for many students. The solution to all these problems is to learn time management skills – students should learn to prioritize tasks, say no and ask for help. Essay writing services, such as Merit Essays, are a great help to college students. Whether you are struggling to come up with research essay topics, want help in writing an essay or any other help in your assignments, they provide the best writing services online.  

  • Financial Challenges 

Continuously increasing tuition fees, cost of transportation, housing, meals, textbooks and bills are the major expenses that college students have to bear. While most college students work as well as study, they hardly earn enough to bear their everyday expenditures. For college expenses, they mainly rely on financial aid or student loans, the latter creating massive debt. In an attempt to make ends meet, many students start to work fulltime and then struggle to manage their studies with jobs. The failure to afford expenses is one of the major reasons that students drop out of college. Students who are able to continue their studies with financial aid are continuously worried about maintaining their GPA so that their aid is not withdrawn and those who took loans and worried about increasing debt. Keeping in view the fact that most of the students in the U.S. take financial aid and loans, a large number of students in fact do not know how repayment works. This lack of understanding increases their stress. 

This is why it is always recommended to talk to your financial advisor and know all about the loan you are taking. In addition to this, try to control your personal expenses by making a budget and sticking to it.

  • Homesickness 

For most students, college means moving out from your home and living without your family for a long period of time. While many find it exciting at the beginning, they start to feel sad and depressed when excitement subsides and realities of independent life hit them. Being all alone, miles away from your home, family and friends can cause homesickness.

The problem becomes even greater for those who find it difficult to make new friends, for example introverts, or those who come from a totally different culture or background -- culture shock increases feelings of homesickness. The feeling of loneliness when coupled with all the responsibilities of independent life can cause anxiety and depression among many college students.