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Essay Writing 101: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing An Essay

Writing can be a complex task. This is especially true for those whose areas of expertise do not include writing. Much of the difficulty faced while writing an academic essay however can be connected to performance anxiety. The fear that you’re going to get things wrong or are unaware of the correct way to do things can be quite crippling.

We’re going to equip you with a few simple tips to help you streamline and clean up your writing. Knowing you’re aware of these should also help alleviate some of that pre-assignment anxiety!

The Dos and Don’ts

For the purpose of clarity, we’re going to cut things down into simple dos and don’ts. Follow these and you’re already half way there.

Writing Dos

The points below elaborate on what you should do to ensure that essay you write gets the grade you’re looking for.


Do make sure that your essay is clear and easy to read. Don’t use complicated vocabulary if you’re not sure about the meanings. Focus on making clear points as opposed to over complicating things. Being clear and to the point makes your essay easier to read and understand.

Follow Guidelines 

Your essay assignment might sometimes come with a set of specific guidelines. Following these guidelines is always important. Do make it a point to carefully go over the guidelines provided and proceed to adhere to these when you write.

Grammar Checks and Revision 

You want to make sure the language you use in your essay is grammatically correct. If you are someone who struggles with the language, do perform a grammar check with someone who has a command over the same. Also make sure you leave time to make revisions on your essay that might be needed.

Writing Don’ts 

The points below elaborate on some things you should avoid at all costs when writing an essay.


Don’t pepper your work with useless facts and information that holds no relevance to your argument. When it comes to academic essays, examiners can find irrelevant information quite irritating. Make sure the information you provide counts and is directly related to your topic or premise.

Quoting and Paraphrasing

If you’re using information from another source, do not do so without both quoting and mentioning it as a citation. Forgetting to quote and credit a source or forgetting to paraphrase could lose you a lot of points as it will be seen as plagiarism even if that wasn’t the intention.


You have spelling and grammar checkers built in to most of the interfaces you would use to write your essay. Do not rely entirely on these when it comes to your academic essay. Such checkers often cover most generic vocabulary and rules but can at times be unreliable by way of specifics. Do not think auto-proofing will see your review needs through. Review your work personally. If you feel you need help proofing your essay, seek it!

Backing Up the Process 

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