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Essays, Thesis’s And Dissertations: Are They The Same?

There is some confusion especially among those pursuing higher education for the first time about essays, theses and dissertations. More specifically, are these forms of writing the same or similar? The simple answer to that question is; no, they aren’t.

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to elaborate on this answer to make clear what theses and dissertations entail as well as how they are different.

Essays Thesis’s and Dissertations in a Nutshell 

To begin with, here are some brief definitions of the three forms of writing.


Academically speaking; an essay is a non-lengthy piece of writing geared towards elaborating on or presenting the writers view on anything from politics to science. The writer uses sources and citations to validate certain views and conclusions.


A thesis is much longer than an essay. It is usually required to end and clear a master’s program. The purpose or object of a thesis is to showcase one’s personal knowledge on the subject of study for the most part.


Dissertations are required to clear a doctoral program. A dissertation is an academic contribution to an existing discipline or body of knowledge; the one the doctorate is being sought in. This is also much lengthier than an essay.

Points of Difference 

Elaborating on points of difference between the three, here’s what we’ve got.


Where the content in essays may vary, what is required in a thesis and a dissertation is quite specific. A thesis needs to prove that the person writing it has an extremely sound grasp over the knowledge they are looking to qualify in. A dissertation on the other hand is a document containing a theory or point of view presented by an academic working towards a doctorate. The theory of course must be backed in detailed research.  


As content varies so does length. Essays are considerably shorter than both dissertations and thesis’s. Generally speaking, dissertations are usually the longest in length. This is because they need to contain a lot of information and research in order to back a newer point of view or presentation of a fresh body of subject knowledge. Though shorter in most cases than dissertations, the minimum length of a thesis would be an estimated 100 pages.

Personal Requirements 

All this being said, when you’re presented with an academic assignment, there are rules and guidelines that go with each. The structure, length and content could in this manner vary depending on the guiding parameters you are given.

For this reason, it is always important to go through the guidelines carefully before getting started.

A Daunting Task 

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