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Starting Off Right: How To Formulate An Essay Introduction

When an examiner reads your essay, naturally, the first thing that they see is your introduction. The introduction is the most critical part of an essay for a number of reasons which is which makes it all the more important to craft one that is captivating and engaging.

We’re going to discuss essay introductions and all things relating over the course of this blog to help those of our readers who struggle with the task.

What’s The Fuss About?

To begin with we need to be clear on why introductions are so important. An introduction to an essay is what gives the examiner or reader a sense of the content within. A well formulated introduction would give the reader a sense of both, the content and the general direction of the essay.

This being said, introductions are also what set the mood for those reading your work. In this way, a well written introduction could really engage and entice the person reading. As you can imagine, a poorly written introduction would do the opposite.

Formulating a Well Written Introduction 

Here are a few things you can keep in mind when trying to formulate a solid and captivating introduction.

Pick Your Words and Structure Your Sentences 

It is important to pick your words carefully when it comes to your introduction. As we mentioned your introduction is what you make your first impression with so the more you clean it up the better off you are.

Sentences need to be clear and to the point. Avoid ‘run ons’ or sentence structuring that could potentially confuse the reader. Clear, crisp and to the point is what you want that introduction to be.

Comprehensive Overview 

Your introduction needs to contain information regarding the content of your essay as well as the direction you’ll be taking. For this reason highlighting topic related particulars, arguments you will address and a little on what point or conclusion you’ll be working towards in combination clearly illustrate your direction to the reader.

Remember, provide all the pointers but hold back on intricacies and details. Those can be elaborated on in your main body.

Questions and Statistics 

Some essay introductions can include important statistics or even the question or conflict you wish to elaborate on over the rest of your work. Though this should not be done in every case, such introductions can often be quite impactful.


The tone you write your introduction in should be reflective of the tone and pace of the rest of your essay. This helps with both flow and readability. Remember, the more thought you give to your introduction, the better off you are.

Still Not Too Sure

Some of you might still be thinking that writing an academic essay is a tough one. That’s okay. You could be an award winning programmer, artist or health professional who struggles with writing. Luckily you have access to one of the best online essay writing services around so if you’re looking for online assignment help, all you need to do is ask. We hope these tips were helpful. That being said, if you require more support and guidance, we’re here for you!