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Writing A Solid Research Proposal And How To Do It

In order to complete a doctorate degree program, one of the things you are required to do is to write a dissertation. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a more popular course of study or something largely unheard of, a dissertation is where you bring it all to fruition.

Before you proceed to write a dissertation, you need to submit what you call a research proposal. The idea of a research proposal is to give your supervisors and those funding your work a sense of what direction you’re going in.

We’re going to tell you a little about how to write a convincing and complete research proposal so that you may proceed to the dissertation you wish to undertake.

The Purpose 

As we said earlier, the purpose of writing a research proposal is to inform those concerned about the scope of your research and what you wish to cover. For this reason, it is important to make sure your proposal is crisp, relevant and to the point.

Furthermore, your research proposal is very relevant to your final dissertation. The reason for this is that while giving your examiner and other concerned parties a preview of what you wish to do your dissertation on, it provides you structure. Your research proposal can in a sense act as a skeleton that you may proceed to flesh out during the actual research and documentation phase.

research proposal

In short, the proposal is important both to convey your objectives to those concerned as well as to provide you with a backbone on which you can proceed to formulate your final dissertation.

What do I Cover? 

There are a number of things you want to ensure you cover or mention in your research proposal. We’ve listed them below for clarity.

  • Research background
  • Problems to be addressed
  • Relevant questions
  • Aims as well as crucial objectives
  • Scope or academic ground covered by your proposed research
  • Research limitations
  • A viable timeline

On Background Writing 

When writing a proposal background, you want to be crystal clear on the whys, how’s and what’s. Take out time to immerse yourself in the topic or subject of your research. Discuss it, study it and when you have a solid sense of what it is about; proceed to write your research background.

Research Particulars 

You have certain particulars you need to highlight in your proposal. One of these is the length of the research you propose. Another one is the scope.

The first thing to remember is not to overshoot here. Make sure what you propose is conducive to your level of study. Further, make an effort not to get to wordy or needlessly detailed when elaborating on your scope. Pick out important and determining pointers. Leave the rest for your final dissertation.

Tricky Business

Some of us might find formulating and editing a research proposal a tricky task. Your research its self might be no less than groundbreaking but presenting it is make or break business. If you feel you need help formulating a solid research proposal a custom research proposal writing service like ours could be useful. If you need help with this or online assignment help in general, just swing by our page for more on what we can do!