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Building The Habit: How To Strengthen Your Writing Skills

Writing is not everyone’s piece of cake.If you’re one of the many who struggle with writing, that’s not particularly a bad thing. Human beings possess a range of different intelligence qualities. Writing relates mostly to your linguistic intelligence.What we’re trying to say is your writing skills do not say much about your professional competence unless you’ve picked a writing intensive felid like journalism. The question is, before we proceed to hire professional academic writing services, ...

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Things You Never Do When Writing An Essay

No matter how many tips and pointers you receive on writing essays, there’s always space more helpful information out there. When it comes to academic essays, there are things you can do that will boost your potential grading points by a few notches.Similarly there are things you should avoid doing as they would be counterproductive to say the least and could set you back by quite a bit. We’re going to focus on things you should avoid at all costs when writing your academic essays over the co...

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Essay Writing 101: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing An Essay

Writing can be a complex task. This is especially true for those whose areas of expertise do not include writing. Much of the difficulty faced while writing an academic essay however can be connected to performance anxiety. The fear that you’re going to get things wrong or are unaware of the correct way to do things can be quite crippling.We’re going to equip you with a few simple tips to help you streamline and clean up your writing. Knowing you’re aware of these should also help alleviate s...

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Essay Writing 101: Essay Writing Made Simple

Writing an essay can be a daunting task for many. This could be due to anything from trouble with linguistics to difficulty getting organized. With regard to the latter, there are things that you can do to ensure that your essay is presentable, engaging and well formulated.Essay Writing 101The tips below can be applied to essays of any level. Regardless of whether this is a first year college assignment or a final year thesis, following the pointers below should help you along, streamline you...

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Starting Off Right: How To Formulate An Essay Introduction

When an examiner reads your essay, naturally, the first thing that they see is your introduction. The introduction is the most critical part of an essay for a number of reasons which is which makes it all the more important to craft one that is captivating and engaging.We’re going to discuss essay introductions and all things relating over the course of this blog to help those of our readers who struggle with the task.What’s The Fuss About?To begin with we need to be clear on why introduction...

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