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Students Would Rather Study For Exams And Not For Knowledge Purposes

The ability to study hard and pass exams does not guarantee adequate knowledge in the specific areas of specialization. From a different viewpoint, the possibility of a student with adequate knowledge regards the specific field, passing exams is either not guaranteed. What do these arguments imply? Indeed, neither of the two ensure success unless one is willing to work harder and smart enough to reach their personal goals. From this point of view, it is evident that most students unknowingly ...

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The Use Of The Internet And Its Impact On Students’ Creativity

Though it still holds as a mystery, a lot of people wonder if the use of the internet is indeed changing the way our brains operate. One thing that is clear, is that the internet is significantly affecting the way we think, and act which is similar to changing our brains. Most researchers would, however, argue that just like any other organ, the brain also needs to be stretched beyond the normal to avoid maintaining it in a stable state. Feeding our minds with most things we read and see on t...

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Should Mobile Phones Be Abolished In Schools?

Most of us would argue that students’ behaviors are better when they are off their mobile phones. This brings us to the question, "What is the essence of mobile phones in our learning institutions?We all know that mobile phones indeed play a significant role as far as learning is brought into the picture. In a way, most of us would agree that the use of these gadgets indeed help poor students improve their academic work, which is not a bad idea. As a result, we all agree that mobile phones in...

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Top Ten Daily Student’s Struggles

Every student can admit that campus life is indeed not a walk in the park because it likely to revolves around disorganization and some point in time. Campus students indeed go through rough ordeals in trying to cope with activities that affect their studies in various ways. Such struggles can disorient individual ability to accomplish what is required of them in their academic life. Every college student should, however, not blame their academic failure on their struggle, but instead feel r...

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5 Reasons Why Students Buy Term Papers

We can all agree many students are reluctant when it comes to writing their own term papers. Its often easier to cut corners by purchasing papers from professional writing services. There is a huge debate around this issue from an ethical standpoint with many universities having an honor code that prohibits students from purchasing essays, arguing that it's ethically wrong to submit another person’s work for a grade, whether or not it is plagiarized or paid for.Although there are many other ...

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